Friday, July 8, 2011

Purple rain, pur-ur-ple rain...

Steve and I went with some friends to the Prince concert at Sint-Pietersplein, a huge outdoor square just up the street from us. It was the best concert any of us had ever been too. He played an hour after he was supposed to end the show and seemed to be having so much fun! At one point he said "do you know how many hits I have? We could be here all night!" You're so modest, Prince. He played mostly new, funky, awesome stuff the first half of the show and then spent the rest of the show humoring the audience with samples of all of his greatest hits. Purple rain was the best, towards the end of the song millions of little pieces of purple tissue paper shot up into the sky over sint-pietersplein; it looked like a purple torrential downpour.


  1. awesome looking concert-the rain & so close by!!!
    the raspberry lemonade below looks soooo good!

  2. Love the picture of the two of you together and love the fact that the two of you had this to do together. Love the happiness showing on your faces.
    LOve you guys,

  3. So glad the concert was all you had hoped and you could enjoy it together. You look so happy. Undoubtedly the most beautiful couple there! Love you so much.