Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July from Gent!

"The girls" and I went shopping down town this afternoon (I needed a pair of shoes for the Prince concert tonight, you can catch a glimpse of those in the upcoming “Prince” post).  Afterwards, we stopped at Le Pain Quotidien, a café in the city center which turned out to be an international chain. You would never have guessed it though with the rustic bakery motif and European café charm. Regardless, it was absolutely delicious and organic and all that good stuff…
Raspberry-Lemonade with REAL lemon and raspberries

Open-face turkey sandwich with organic guacamole and sun dried tomatoes
Chicken salad with shaved parmesan

Ham and gouda open-face sandwich

In the evening we celebrated independence/good riddance day with our British friend down on the canal. I made a version of little smokies to represent the traditional 4th of July hot dog and Rob made cucumber sandwiches to represent his side of the pond:) Steve’s boss and family were staying at the Marriott on the canal so they joined us for a glass of champagne too. Good times!

Cynthia & Maryanne
Steve & Rob on kid patrol


  1. What great looking food, especially the chicken. Tell Cynthia we love the hat, she looks so european. Did they have fire works for the 4th or what else do they do.
    Loved seeing Steve doing such a good job with the kid patrol and am looking forward to lots more pictures.
    Love and miss you guys

  2. Happy 4th and every day is a holiday for you all. Food looks sooooo yummy. How did we miss it when I was there? Always more to look forward to. Cynthia is such a lovely young lady!! Hard to believe she is all grown up already. Seems like only yesterday....