Monday, July 18, 2011

Gentse Feesten 2011

The BIG summer festival has begun! It has taken over the entire city, not just the Graslei canal like I had thought, so much fun!!! There is something for everyone at all hours of the day/night with tons of family and kid things to do too. There is no better place to be in the world during summer time:) Steve and Cynthia are still out at 1 am as I right this...good times!

Here are some pictures from the last few days...
The first 2 days started off very wet, booooooo!

Sun finally!!!!
Outdoor concert venue, not sure what the puppets are for.
Pole Pole at De graslei canal last night (the canal where the marriott is)
I love that grin!

This is a picture that Steve sent me earlier tonight with this note:

 "Gentse feeste! Pole pole beach party 2011. We just started, see you in the morning."


  1. with all the festivals going on you will never come back to the USA. Your going to be so busy having fun. I can see all the kids are having a good time, the big ones and the little ones. Of course we are having a blast with the pictures. I have to thanks you again for keeping up with them. We are really, really enjoying them and the little statements underneath.
    We miss and love you guys.

  2. Great pics. So glad Cynthia got to enjoy the festival with you all. Love and hugs.