Saturday, April 14, 2012


We just got back from an awesome week in Southern France with our friends Sofie, Joris, and Lisa.  We ate amazing food, played at the beach, hiked, toured the city, and tasted delicious wines and olive oils.  Here are a few pictures...

Monday, April 2, 2012

More pictures from the bike race...

Here we are waiting for the cyclists

wine tasting along the race route by a local vinyard.  The giant wine bottle is full of balloons that they released when the cyclists passed it.

Sofie, Joris, & Lisa

Cheering the women!

Sofie's parents had chocolate bunnies and eggs for the kids (Sofie's dad is a chocolatier)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pictures from this weekend...

Saturday we went to Breda, Holland just over and hour away.  It was a picturesque town with canals a tons of great stores....

our walk into the city center

snack and beer break

dancing in the street (I never pass up an opportunity to dance with my little ones:)

Sunglass shopping
Today was the Rond van Vlaanderen, a  bike race in the Flemmish Ardennes.  The race passed by Sofie’s parents house in Brakel so we headed over there for lunch and front row seats.  Steve and Joris rode over on bikes (about 50 km) while I drove with the kids. 

Of course, I arrived too late and the roads were closed around their house so I ended up parking a few km away and walking in with the kids. What could have quickly turned into a disastrous event actually turned out to be an incredibly pleasant afternoon.  We ran into a horse farmer (not sure what they're really called) who was so friendly and not only offered us a place to park but also let us come to his stables and pet his horses.  He also invited us to watch the race with his friends in his fields and gave race flags to the kids.   I was blown away by his generosity.  That was just the start, the whole walk in we were greeted by fellow spectators and residents who wanted to know where we were from, what we were doing in Belgium, had we ever been to this race, etc… the walk wasn’t long in distance but it did take a while as we stopped so many times to visit along the way.  It was a very warm and fuzzy dayJ
The anticipation of the arrival of the riders made the race very exciting but  it passed by very quickly.  Our lunch was an amazing moussaka prepared by Sofie’s mom and was followed by some good outdoor play time in their nice yard (with deer and chickens).  I have to say…today was a good dayJ

B & A at the stables

Fields along our walk

Our walk in the country with Brakel in the distance