Monday, July 18, 2011


My old boss from LABiomed was in London for two nights on her way back to California from Italy, conveniently, Steve had two meetings scheduled in the London area so we all headed over for a few nights.  It was so great to see Rachelle and her family, I am so lucky to have such and incredible friend and mentor.

We took a car, train, bus, and metro to get into London ...
Bus ride to Heathrow airport

Metro to Covent gardens

B adored Rachelle's girls, Milanadea & Jordana

Rachelle, B, and Milanadea

Cute little cupcake shop in Covent garden area

Alex's new love :)


  1. boy we really love the pictures you send and telling us what you are doing. we are so jealous.Wish we could be doing a few things with you and the kids. Make sure you have Alex save us a couple of those kisses. That picture is so precious. We will have Alicia a week from today and then down to Florida to take her home. Make sure you keep your blog going. Will have the computer with us.
    Love you guys,

  2. Good grief, I can't believe I missed all these blogs. Computer is not my friend. Great London pics. Sue and I only got a brief bustop view. I love all the pics and am so glad to be able to share in your joy.