Monday, July 11, 2011

Parkkaffee in Mariakerke

There is a park cafe set up in Mariakerke (about 10 min drive for us) in a wooded area that may be someone's back yard, I'm not sure.  Its a little bit "hippie" and a lot awesome!  There are fancy little cafe kiosks set up around the property as well as the cutest retro trailers with fortune tellers and face painters.  It’s kid and parent friendly so everyone can have a good time and relax (for the parents).  I really can’t describe how incredible the ambiance was, there were candles, string lights, star lights, tikki torches and several bonfires around the park.  It goes on all summer from late afternoon until late night (we left at 10pm) so we will be there most nights.  I love summer in Gent!!!

Tapas trailer

Fortune teller trailer (so cute with fire place and all)

The boys play'n

Our friend Diana offered to take a photo of the four of us and I told her not to bother because it's impossible to get us all smiling or even looking in the same direction.  After taking a few photos she looked at me with this "oh weren't kidding" look.  This was the best we got...
Typical family portrait


  1. We love the family portrait!!!!!! We could tell you were having fun and are happy doing things together. The little park looks amazing and the kids were having so much fun.
    Love and miss you guys.

  2. You all must feel like you are living in a dream. What wonderful places you keep finding! Hope to see it. Great pics. Love you all so much it hurts.