Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gentse Feesten, again....

Cynthia gave us a night out, again!  We had an okay dinner at a Argentinian steak house and ended the evening in a tent with a cover band at Gentse feesten.  It was like being at a stranger's wedding with all the greatest cover songs.  My favorite part was when the entire croud, young and old, sang "Country Road."
The buildings looked so beautiful in the sunset...


  1. Like we said, we try to check this everyday when we get on and was so surprised to see more pictures which we thoroughly love. LOve the picture of the two of you together and the town looks lovely. Glad you got to have a good time with just the two of you. Was surprised at the singing over there of Country Roads which is one of our favorites. Thanks for sending that one.
    Love you.

  2. Wow another one I missed. I am not on the computer every day, and just figured out to go to "older post" which is where I am finding all this treasure. Glad you were able to get out. I had hoped to do that for you more, but Stevie was gone alot. Hope to be there for some festival next visit. Love your together shot!