Saturday, June 25, 2011


Antwerp central station holds the terminal with the oldest railway track in Belgium between Brussels and Antwerp. It is said that the interiors can be compared to any European palace.

Train station
Cathedral of Our Lady, one of the first gothic masterpieces in Europe, was for many centuries the tallest building in the Low Countries and is the tallest one in Antwerp City.

"The Brabo Statue at the Grote Market is dedicated to Barbo who once saved the city from a giant named Antigoon, who used to chop off hands if travellers refused to pay toll for crossing the Scheldt River. It was Barbo who fought with giant and chopped off his hand and threw it in the river. The words ‘hand throwing’ when translated in dutch mean ‘Hantwerpen’, hence the city’s name ‘Antwerpen’. The statue holds a lot of symbolic value for Antwerp’s residents."

Snap shots...

Steve and Alex taking a snuggle break

Sue, Steve, and Becky (Our Lady's cathedral in background)


  1. love,love,love the snuggle break. Steve wants to know why Stephen needed long sleeves in the last photo? He called you a whusss!!! Anyway love all the pictures of the town, they are beautiful but have to admit the one of you two is really pretty. Keeping us updated with your traveling has been lots of fun.
    LOve you, kiss the kids for Oma and Opa

  2. It was a wonderful relaxing trip, with yummy ribs and my first unisex bathroom experience! Whoahhhh!!! We almost went into a beer fest, but decided not the time. Beautiful city. Beautiful family!!!