Friday, June 24, 2011

Pictures from the week...

Bronwen's friend Emilio's 2nd birthday party...

Chasing bubbles

B in front of our apartment

Steve's father's day present (a photo of he and the kids in Italy taken on Jeff's phone)
Bronwen has consistently used her "potty chair" for 3 days so we have been spoiling her with all kinds of treats...

Alex benefits from B's success:)

B's first mani-pedi :)


  1. Tell Bronwen that Oma and Opa are proud of her success and would love to help her with all of her rewards. Her and Alex look so proud of the accomplishment and reward. Tell Bronwen her nails are beautiful just like her. Love the pictures and was so glad to hear from Stephen on fathers day even tho we were on the road and had to keep it short. Love you guys,

  2. Bronwen was so proud of her nails. The first one off was the thumb. She is growing up so fast and so beautiful. Alex is a wonderful ball of energy and great smiles, melts your heart! I enjoyed every minute with them. Sorry for not getting to comments in such a long time.