Sunday, June 19, 2011

Misc. photos...

On Wednesday we went to Pretland, a huge indoor playland in Gent.  It's perfect for rainy days and the kids LOVE it!

It's fun for big kids too:)

Baby trampoline, genius!

Bronwen and Emilio wrestling
My egg this morning:)
We went to the flower market on father's day while Steve is in Abu Dhabi :(  We had Grandma Becky and Auntie Sue with us and met a group of friends, it was great day!
B & Emilio

Passiflora, beautiful!

B, Emilio, and Lilly dancing to the orchestra.
Alex and Great Aunt Sue
Picnic on the canal with Grandma Becky and Aunie Sue, it was a little windy :)

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  1. Great flowers and music. Windy, yes, but not able to get the yummy sandwiches away from us. Had such a loving time. So enjoyed meeting Jill's friends too.