Monday, January 17, 2011


We went to London this weekend to check the city out and to see our friends from West Seattle, Alison & Dave. It was fun seeing them (it’s been about 6 years) and London is a pretty cool place to meet and catch up. We weren’t too impressed with the food and the best beer on tap was Belgian of course! I do love that pubs are like Starbucks, on every corner. We did find a small Italian restaurant with the best pizza we’ve ever had (Vecchiomondo ). The first night we tried Indian and it was good but it was no Natraj (2nd St., Long Beach).

Saturday we met Dave & Alison at a huge flea market in Notting Hill. It only happens on Saturdays so if you go, try to plan your trip around it. It had everything: antiques, silver “stuff”, touristy nick-knacks, food, street performers…I am so glad A & D new about the flea market, it was the highlight of my trip. We then proceeded to walk to Piccadilly Circus which looks so close on the tourist map but Hyde Park must be 18 miles long because it took forever. We walked for about 6 hours that day but got to see a lot of the city. The “tube” is not double stroller friendly though we did use it on Friday night during rush hour, good fun! It was easier to walk everywhere so we got a pretty good work out during our weekend getaway too. B finally got to see “Big Ben Clock” which she is still talking about. It was awesome watching her face light up when we heard “Big Ben.”

B swinging at the Princess Diana memorial park
Me and Alex with Alison & Dave at the flea market

The London Eye

The parliament building & Big Ben clock tower

The Big Ben clock tower

The parliament building

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  1. so glad you guys are getting to do things together. Even the not so fun places can mean something when you are all together. We are having so much fun watching for your blogs and seeing what your doing. Thanks so very much, it means a whole lot.
    Can't wait to read about the 20th. You have us looking forward to the festivities.
    Love and miss you.....lots