Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alex is crawling

He has been "scooching" around and crawling backwards for a week or so but he finally figured out how to move forward, and he's not a crab-crawler!  Here is a short clip of Alex on the move and a few other random cute pictures of my little nuggets.
Check out my teeth.

Yummy baguette!

Fun in the ball pit.

Weeeee!  B slid by herself today!


  1. Those are some really precious video you took. We really loved them especially the one of Bronwen rocking Alexander. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. These are so special.
    Love and miss all of you guys

  2. How wonderful!!! Been traveling. Snow in Georgia today. The pics and especially the videos are so precious. Big girl B sliding and rocking bro! Alex crawling, new teeth. Standing by himself means he's not far from walking. Hold on world, here he comes!! Love you all so much.