Saturday, January 22, 2011

2nd New Year's Drink

Well, we had our first night out in Gent without the kids and…it was GREAT!!! Love the little rug rats but it was nice to dress up and go out for a relaxing evening without worrying about where to change diapers or nurse. The babysitter was nice, and seamed very mature and responsible. This was our first time leaving the kids with someone we didn’t know but she came highly recommended by someone Steve works with. She said she would watch the kids again so things must have gone okay.

The night was great. We went to yet another New Year’s drink at the town hall, an old building in the heart of the city. The event was held in a beautiful ballroom, chandeliers and all with wine and appetizers served all night…for free! The mayor spoke in the beginning about expediting services for expats. Essentially they are creating a “fast lane” at the city hall for expats to get their residence cards in a more timely fashion (we STILL don’t have ours and won’t until Feb 24th). There were probably about 40-50 expats from all over the world. Fortunately, our relocation specialist, Lieve, was there and she introduced us to several other people in the room making the evening much less awkward. We had a great time & met really interesting people. The night went too fast so hopefully we’ll get to stay longer at the next event.

(Sorry no pictures.  My camera suffered some serious damage in London but hopefully I'll get a new one soon:)

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  1. Did you pull my trick and run over your camera. We have a new one since the last time we saw you. The other new one keep taking blurry pictures so took it back and upgraded. Love it.
    Thanks for your update. We look everyday to see if you put in something new.
    We love you, and Happy New Year again.