Thursday, May 5, 2011

Loads of pictures...

Bronwen preparing Easter brunch
 Took the kids to the Seattle aquarium...

Bronwen trying to take over Grandpa's chair

Aunt Jean & Uncle Dave's visit

Aunt Jean pretending to be at the royal wedding:)

Alex & I at Alki beach
Cousin Sam & B had a blast
We asked Sam and Bronwen to kiss and they started but ultimately decided not too.  Meanwhile, they held this pose for a while during their decision making process...

Sam growling at B

Cousins Ben, Maddie, & Sam

"Auntie" cousin Sue :)

My Pacific Northwest Girl in the freezing Alki waters, just like mamma used to do:)

The Bennets, Michelle & Pat, & Karen...good times!


  1. At the beach looks like a winter day in Florida, minus the white sands. No wonder you could easily surf at Huntington Beach! Kids never lack fun at the beach. Guess we'll have to wait for that first kiss. Love Aunt Jean's wedding hat. So glad you got to have fun with all your friends and family this trip. Packed into a whirlwind tour! Love and hugs to all. Missing you all.

  2. Bummed we didn't see you guys...