Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eating our way through Italy...

"Seafood salad"

B's first gelato, she ate the whole thing!

Seafood pasta at our neighborhood restaurant

home cooked Italian dinner (lasagna & gnocci)

another home cooked pasta dinner (gorgonzola alfredo with linguini by Gita-yummmm!)

Mario, the incredibly friendly owner of our neighborhood restaurant, Mare Blu.


  1. The food looks great and Bronwen looks like she is having a ball with anything and everything. Any good recipes we can try. all the others you sent turned out to be so good. Glad you got yourselves in a few of the pictures. You look so happy.
    We really miss you guys being so far

  2. Hope you are keeping those recipes handy for me too. Remember, I have a boyfriend who loves to cook fresh meals like you all do. Can't wait to try some. Looks like you had a great time with Jeff and Gita. And my little chocolate girl, like her Mom and Gramma. I could just eat her up!