Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bastogne, Belgium

"The Mardasson Memorial was built in 1950. It stands as a token of gratitude by the Belgian population for the liberation of the country by the American Army and the allies. The construction of the memorial was suggested by the Belgo-American association (a panel of several eminent Belgian personalities). By erecting this monument they wanted to remember the young Americans who came to liberate Belgium at the cost of their own lives."


  1. Alex and Bronwen are getting so big. Alex looks just like his dad the older he gets. Looks like he liked his candle the best of all on his birthday.I can see you had a really good trip and Stephen sounded so excited about it when we talked on the phone. So glad you take the time to do all this together and see whats there. Now it's time to plan on USA trips. Just remember " Life is short and the road is long, go for it."
    We love and miss you. Sending 100 hugs and kisses.

  2. What a wonderful addition to our celebration of Memorial Day. I never knew about this Belgian Memorial before. God bless them all.