Sunday, April 3, 2011


Alex, Mason, & Cole

Ava & Aaron

Alex & Kate

Hooka & Bronwen

Steve, Larry, & Alex

Alex & Cole

Ava & Diana

Holy Babies...

Kim & Chase

B"s 1st motorcycle ride with Uncle Larry

Bronwen & Marie

Ned & B

Night out (no kids:-)

Larry & B

View from our hotel in Newport Beach


  1. about time for some pictures. Good to see that Bronwen is doing so well. All of you look so rested and at ease in the sunshine of California. Please send some our way.
    Wish we could be there to hold the babies and give you all hugs. Miss you and was good talking with you when you arrived.Opa said he could have give Bronwen a real motorcycle ride if you would visit Tenneessee someday.
    Love you lots, Oma and Opa

  2. hows it up north? can't wait to see pics of Bron with Monkey...miss you too!

  3. Great pics of great times with great people!!! Wish I was there with all my heart to hug and love all. Bronwen is more beautiful each day and smiling angel Alex is more handsome. Miss all of you. Keep the pics coming!