Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patty's day...

We went to my new friend Diana's house (I met her in my Dutch class) for bangers and mash and met some really great people.  It was a table of expats from England, the US, and South Africa and a great mix of very interesting people.  There was a stem cell scientist (interesting to me for obvious reasons), a photographer, a chemist, and a roller derby-er (she started the Belgian league) that made up part of the dinner party.  Good food, good wine, and great conversation made for an incredible night to remember!!!

B posing in her St Patty's day dress (a dance costume Marie gave her:)

Diana in her awesome industrial kitchen

The bangers and mash

The group

Jess from South sweet!

B hard at work.

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  1. Love that you finally got something into Bronwens hair. She looks so beautiful. The pretties girl at the ball. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. What a mixture of people. Going to a benefit for St. Judes Hospital for Children tomorrow. Anything for the kids.
    Glad to see both of you in the pictures. We sure miss you, Love you lots and lots.