Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 3 in Washington

Michelle and I had our first quiet, kid-free lunch in 7 nice!  The weather was also nice finally and we got to go for a walk through Lincoln park too.
Melody, Alex, and B

We had dinner and spent the night at Ron and Lauren's. The kids had a blast playing together!

Riley feeding B
 We met Mark, Nikki, Riley, & Peyton at Jungle playland in Mt Vernon.  B loved the ball pit and chasing Riley:)
Peyton and Alex

Alex and Mark

R and B
 Natty stayed over friday night before the big easter egg hunt today-good times as always!
More natty hugs

Good fun:) ...


  1. More LOL!!! Nattie is getting so big and so beautiful too. And Mark and Nikki's kids are getting so big too. Guess I didn't realize they had 2. What a wonderful thing to be close right from birth. You all will hopefully stay like this all your lives. Family is wonderful!! Especially when lifelong friends are just like family too. New twist on playing the bongos! Have to remember that one.

  2. What beautiful bongos. Portable? They all look like they are having such a good time together and Mama sounds like she is having a pretty good time. Happy Easter to you all and give our love and hugs to everyone.
    Love and hugs,