Saturday, March 12, 2011

Antwerp Zoo

It was a beautiful day today, 59 degrees, so we took the kids to the Antwerp zoo.  It is a beautiful park in the middle of the city and right next to the central station.  We took the train in, the highlight of Bronwen’s day, and spent the afternoon strolling through the zoo.  We ended are trip at an Italian restaurant on the main shopping strip where we sat outside and enjoyed a pizza and a glass of wine/beer while the kids slept.  What a great day!!!

Bronwen met a little girl on the train ride in and they played like they’d been friends their whole lives. As fate would have it we ended up on the same train and in the same car on our way home so again the girls got to play together. The little girl’s mom and I exchanged information so that hopefully we can set up a play date in the near future since they played so well together.

Bronwen in the seal exhibit
Peacock Bass like George, my Dad's fish

Some wild life...
Zoo art...
Bat made of twigs

These are actual signs posted in the zoo....The first one explains the difference between jaguar and leopard spots & the second, well...

The train ride home...


  1. looks like you all had another beautiful day. Loved all the pictures but need to see you more often.
    You can tell the kids had a great day. I envy the train ride. Looks like so much fun.
    Thanks for keeping up with the blog. Loved watching Bronwen with her new friend.
    Love you guys,

  2. You take wonderful pictures, Jill! Those zoo signs are hilarious! You should post them on fb :)

    Let's be sure to do some zoo/aquarium trips during your visit. Can't wait to see you!