Sunday, December 12, 2010

Restaurant de Graslei

Last week we stopped in a coffee shop on our way home from the city center and we met this really nice lady who happened to be the owner of a very nice restaurant on one of the canals in the city center. Today we were heading back home from the christmas markets and both kids were asleep in the stroller so we decided to take advantage and check out the restaurant. It was amazing! The service was incredible for starters, and the ambiance was a mixture of new decoration and very old architecture. We saw Jeannine on our way in and she bought our nice! Steve had a Westmalle Trappist (Clear, golden yellow beer)  and I was feeling fancy so I had a Kir (white wine and Creme de Cassis). For food, we ordered lobster bisque. It was delicious served as is but it came with a side of cream & Armagnac which made it umami! We also ordered Gentse stoverij, stoverij is a traditional Belgian dish that is essentially a beef stew in a rich broth and is served with fries. It too was outstanding! This is definately a place we'll take visitors:)


Lobster bisque.
Link to the restaurant


  1. Stoverij gets me everytime... If you haven't tried making it yet, I thoroughly suggest you try it out!

  2. AHHH ... Comfort food at its finest. Love lobster bisque. The Stoverij looks like my kind of food: when you can't see what's under the gravy, it's just right!