Sunday, December 12, 2010

Antwerp Christmas market

Last night was our first trip to Antwerp and we went to 3 Christmas markets.  There was a firework show in one of the main plazas and Mrs. Claus declared the market offically open. It was a big festival and soooo crowded.  I didn't get to look at very many of the wood huts but we still enjoyed the decorations and the festive buzz.  Antwerp is pretty awesome, it is the second largest city in Belgium but it still has the charm of a small town.  There is a lot of good shopping there too so I will definately be back!

First market

Market by the river.
Bronwen loved the firework show and she and the little boy next her were laughing so much making us laugh too...


  1. how wonderful to be able to watch Bronwen enjoying herself and being able to see Stephen look so rested and human. I have a feeling the good food is helping a lot. We have a recipe to send but not sure it will stand up to what you guys had. So, so glad to see you having so much fun together.
    We love and miss you..

  2. This time must be like living in a fairy tale: the Prince, his Princess, and the two most precious babies living the best of life. So wonderful to be sharing it with you on your web site. what a beautiful country!