Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday flower market

On Sunday we went to the flower market again and actually bought some flowers this time (to go on my new dining room table-Yay!!!). It is such a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon (no NFL over here). At one end of the market is a coffee stand and the other is an aperitif stand where you can get a glass or bottle of wine or champagne and some appetizers. It is a social event to meet at the market and have drinks and hang out afterwards and I decided last Sunday that I wanted to partake next time, so we did...

Krab, egg, and mayonnaise on toast-delish!
 Here are a couple more pictures...

With all the parquet, we bought Bronwen her own swifter (unfortunately, dancing with it doesn't get the floors clean)

Paddle boarder in the canal in front of our apartment-crazy!

Cute little house on a side street near the city center.

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  1. What an incredible adventure!!! We are so thrilled to join you as you move along in these wonderful pictures. So glad you and Stevie found each other!! I told you there would be beautiful babies!! I underestimated that one!!