Sunday, October 17, 2010

The city center

Today was a beautiful, sunny but cold day. We walked to the city center (which is only about a 15 min walk) to check out a flower market and ended up spending the whole day there-it is so BEAUTIFUL! I took a few pictures with Steve's phone...

Beer haus

Canal in city center

Candy shop (left) Cafe (right). 
Plaza in Gent
St. Nicolas church


  1. Jill and Steve,
    It looks absolutely amazing there. What a fantastic adventure. Joe and I looked at the pictures and I can imagine how beautiful and exciting it must be to be walking around as a resident and not a tourist. Your home looks amazing. It seems soooo big. I'm glad to hear your flight went smoothly. Hope all is going well. We are set up on Skype if you ever want to chat. Talk with you both soon.


  2. I am so jealous of your adventure and so afraid you will like it so much you won't want to come back home. So glad your happy though and love your journal so to speak about what is going on with the shopping and all. We love you and miss your all terribly.

  3. Natalie wants to have a hot cocoa tea party with B and doesn't understand that B is too far away now :( We can't wait to have a tea party in Gent so you better figure out what "hot cocoa" translates to... Sooooo excited to come visit your beautiful new home!!!

  4. What a wonderful place to live! It's gorgeous! Love the pics of you and the kids. The waffle post was great! Can't wait to see what is next...

  5. Hey, is this Venice or Gent?! Didn't realize the canals ran all over like that. Any gondola rides? I agree with Steve and Gloria hoping you don't grow to love it so much you don't come home! Not that I could blame you. What a great adventure. That's the stuff dreams and memories and life are made of.