Friday, October 29, 2010

De Blaameersen

We spent the afternoon at De Blaameerson, a really nice park near our apartment.  I had no idea how big and awesomely kid-friendly it is. I can't wait for summer!  The park has several playgrounds and a big sandy beach area with water slides, paddle boat rentals, etc...  There is a separate swimming area for kids under 12 with little animal fountains and sand bars in the middle.  I still haven't seen the rest of the park but I'm anxious to check it out.  If you look on the map and follow "our" canal to the left you will see the park (click on the eedverbondkaai 245 link  to see my markers).

On another topic, another example of how nice Belgians are; I was on the wrong road looking lost with my map out and a jogger (a female U Gent student) stopped to see if I needed directions and ended up walking me all the way to the park to make sure I made it-very cool! 
My little guy's first time in the sand
Bronwen had a blast feeding the ducks snickerdoodles (home made!)
More cookies mom!!!
The wind blown look
Pirate ship playground
Kid's lagoon


  1. that looks so fun! alex is getting so big..i wonder if they have a merry go round there or carousel-sp? that is sweet to have it so close. why don't they have that here?
    santa anas were blowing last couple days & my nose is itchin like crazy :)

  2. What a blast you will have with the kids, Jill! So glad you don't have to work so you can have full enjoyment every day on your little adventures. I loved being an at home mom and have so many precious memories. They grow up toooooo fast. Don't you look at them every day and marvel at how incredibly beautiful they are???!!! I always am in tears of joy after looking at the pictures. Think I'll get out my albums and look at the boys again. So much love. And so proud of the amazing man my Stevie is!!! I pray God's blessings on you all every day.