Friday, November 30, 2012

Last day at creche...

Alex had his last day at crèche today... he was delighted but was sad to say good bye. They put together a book of pictures of Alex since he started last February with a page of well-wishes too. The girls at his school were so sweet, a few in particular who really took good care of him. One girl, Lina, who stopped working a few months ago adored Alex and spoiled him rotten. She would still come to visit him even after she stopped working and today she came to give him a good bye hug and gift. Gulya, his other favorite cried which of course made me cry. When we got outside I said to Alex "this was your last day at school, are you sad?" His reply: "nope."

Coffee and ginger cookies for the kids and staff, plus a homemade baby duck snow globe (alex brought his baby duck every day)

its custom to bring a small gift for everyone on birthdays and when kids go to school

the creche (all organic and cloth diapers)

Valerie, the director in green

Olga (in orange) and Gulya (in green)


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  1. So precious to have such loving teachers.