Monday, November 5, 2012

Bath, Enland

Our good friends, Brad and Celeste, just moved to Bath 3 weeks ago.  Brad, Steve's oldest friend, was just promoted to Lieutenant colonel and is a liaison to the Brittish Army. We decided last minute to drive up and see them last weekend and even though they are barely settled and still don't have their furniture, they welcomed us with open arms.  This is actually the closet we've ever lived to each other since I've known them. Celeste is 7 months pregnant, though you can't tell in the pictures:)  It was a great trip with some unexpected sights like Stone Henge, and a firework show on the base for Guy Fawkes night.
Stone henge on our drive to Bath

Bath Abbey

Roman bath

Lunch in Bath

Crab and leek tarte...yum!


live (early morning) video of HB from a web cam and Brownen photo bombing my picture

wannabe surfer girl:)


  1. What a wonderful thing to happen for you guys. It sounds funny that you are so close but still in two different countries. Now more things to see and learn. I know it was fun as usual for you guys which makes us happy for you. Thanks for the pictures. Never get tired of them either.
    Love and miss you guys

  2. i KNEW socal was in Bronie's genes! that's awesome!!

  3. She's getting so big! Can't wait to see you guys in December!