Monday, October 1, 2012

Race for the Cure

Our friend, Lut, just celebrated 1 year post chemo tx and treated herself (and us) to a lovely 6k race through downtown Antwerp. It was a first for Bronwen, Alex, and I and we kicked butt! The kids ran the last part and I'm proud to say I ran the entire thing in a semi-respectable time (yes, it's only 3.7 miles but that’s 3.7 miles more than I usually run). It was a very humbling experience running with 5000 people of all ages and fitness levels,  and many of whom are in the midst of chemo treatments or have fought the ugly beast and WON! I teared up when I was explaining to Browen why we were running and that all the women wearing pink shirts are fighting or have fought breast cancer and how incredibly brave and strong they are, like Oma! Here are a few pictures of our morning in Antwerp...

I run/walk for Oma

Lut & I

zumba warm up

more zumba (Steve got in on it some too:)

Bronwen's perspective of the race from the back seat of the stroller

celebratory beer & wafel with our support team

Lut, Diana, & I

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  1. After I finally got all the tears out of my eyes so I could read the whole things I realized that no matter what we are all so special. They ones fighting, and the ones helping us fight. That was so special seeing Bronwen wearing my name. It made me feel so proud and let her know I love her and Alex so much. It makes me feel like I have really lived through them with that kind of support. My survival date is this Nov. and it will be three years. YEA. thanks for making my day more special
    We love you so much,