Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pictures from our first Rosh Hashanah party

Evelina and Siobhan working in the kitchen

Beautiful view of Gent from Evelina & Padraigs apartment

First course: Several salads, meats, humus, and of course apples and honey
The main: a whole chicken for each of us!

my first time making challah

Bronwen's new crush: Alec from Russia

She wouldn't leave poor Alec alone:)

Declan & Conor

More views of Gent

Siobhan & Conor

Dessert & music on the patio...
Great night!  Thanks Evelina & Padraig!


  1. Steve says, do you always have to put all that good looking food on there. Your bread looked amazing. How I wish I had that luck. As always, so good seeing you guys having fun and the kids are growing so fast. Even with the blog its hard to keep up with them.
    We love you guys

  2. What a wonderful celebration. Ed, being Jewish, had hoped we could go to a local Synagogue for either Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur, but he picked up a bad cold and is not yet over it, so we stayed home. Next year. Love and hugs to all.