Sunday, October 2, 2011

Venetian Ball...

We started the night off at our place with cava and appetizers and of course some photo fun...
Emily, me, Courtney, and Sofie
Fun before the ball (me, Steve, Court, Joris, Sofie)

waiting for the tram (we were quite the spectacle)

Tram ride to the ball

Actors (we think) escorting people into the ball
We waltzed the night away...
"the ball"
 There was a dessert competition, next year I'm in!!!
Dessert buffet

Em, Steve, Jill

 Professional photos were taken and will be available on facebook soon...

Sofie and Joris
Only in Belgium... Eating and drinking chocolate isn't enough so they've developed a fancy contraption for snorting it, no joke!  So of course, when in Rome...


Having fun in character

Beautiful harp music

There were extraordinary costumes and masks

 I turned into a pumpkin at midnight (my babysitter's curfew)...

Good night!


  1. what beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see the rest of them. You guys really looked great and we know you had a great time. We know you will give them a run for their money next year. And we will have to have pictures of course. You should have the dessert contest in the bag. Tell Steve he looked great.
    Love you guys

  2. Amazing pictures. Snorting chocolate??? How are your sinuses? I think I still prefer it on my tongue! But if I was with you, I would have tried it to. Great costumes! Too funny riding the tram and walking home. No limo big enough to get you all in could make it through the narrow twisty streets. Love Gent.