Thursday, October 27, 2011


We drove 1800 km over the last 6 days from Gent to Frankfurt→Vilseck→ Cheb (Czech Republic)→Stuttgart→Heidelberg→Cologne→Gent. Wheew!! We are exhausted; living like nomads is a lot of work. The drive was so beautiful with all the vibrant Fall colors and fortunately we are blessed with the best “road trip” kids, they really amaze me with how well they travel.

We had a great visit with Steve’s Uncle Walt, Aunt Erika, and cousins Tammi & Ryan. It was my first time meeting all of them, but it certainly won’t be the last time we see each other. It’s nice to know we have family on this side of the pond.

Here are a few pictures in very random order...

My happy boy (happy to be out of the car:)

Heidelberg, Germany

Cologne (Kolner Dom)
Alex running free in a park in Heidelberg

Steve Sr., Gloria, & Aunt Erika

Brats & Sour kraut

Cousin Tammi & Bronwen

Steve's wild boar and potato ball

Schnitzel & potato croquettes

Bronwen, Gloria, Erika, Steve Sr., & Walt

Morrison Clan

Opa & Bronwen

Hotel Diva

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  1. How great to see Walt and Erika again. Last time was in Sarasota maybe 1980? They look great. So glad you all enjoyed each other and will keep up the relationship. They are great people. Looks like you had good weather even though cool. I hope to see them next time I get to Europe with Ed to see you all. Love that hotel diva and my smiling running Alex so much.