Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This week's pictures...

Alexander in his University of Florida gear (Uncle Todd's favorite team).  Thanks Aunt Lorie!

Bronwen's first "Boxbury" house

Citadel Park


  1. There are not enough words -- thank you for these wonderful updates on your lives so far away. My heart is there with you.

    Alex looks like he'll be a serious Gator fan. He and B are getting so big! Bronwen will always love her swings, like her Gramma. BOXES!!! who needs toys? Great fun for all generations.

  2. what wonderful pictures. They really help see how they are growing. "to fast". Have left you a picture in gmail. Finally found a frame for our valentine. Heard from Lori yesterday. Miss all you guys.
    Love you lots.

  3. Funny, Natalie doesn't like the swings. Maybe B can change her mind? I'm making B a mermaid tail to match Nat's. We'll have to take them to the beach for a photo shoot when you come to visit!!!