Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The North Sea

We went for a drive to the ocean since I hadn't seen it yet and I was craving the smell of salty air. We didn't use a map, just headed in the general direction and figured we hit it eventually. Along the way we stopped in a town called De Haan where we found this great little pastry shop with beautiful desserts. We bought a few sinful snacks and then loaded up in the car to continue on to the ocean. I took Bronwen's shoes off so she could take a little nap and about 1 1/2 minutes later we were there-ha ha! Turns out De Haan is a coastal town and we were already at the beach. It was a huge beach, reminded me of ocean shores, WA with big sand dunes. We beached combed for a little bit but it was freezing so we didn't stay long. There were these interesting shells, they looked like long, square-ish clam shells. I thought maybe the marine biologists in my family might be able to identify them from the picture. The important question is "are they good eat'n?"


  1. we love the pictures of the big and little kids on the beach. The town looks lovely and the trip sounds like something we would do. But, why do you always have to rub in all those delicious pastries that we can't even smell. Shame on you, but keep sending those pictures.
    We love and miss you.

  2. Those shells are called "razor shells" or "scheermesjes" in Dutch. They're a delicacy.

  3. Razor shell or pastry? Hmmmmm...PASTRY! I'm attempting a unicorn cake for Nat's birthday, wish me luck!