Sunday, November 14, 2010

The last few days...

We've been perfecting our "cooking with electric" skills and I have failed to mention all the awesome meals that we have prepared in our own little happy kitchen.  Steve has nailed chicken curry, chateaubriand, and any kind of soup.  I am the master of all things salmon, chicken cordon bleu, and snickerdoodles.  Bronwen is our pre-prep cook, she "handles" the food before prepare it :)  She can also be found sitting and crawling around on our kitchen counter feet and all...who wants dinner at our house??? Ha ha!!

I went to Gent's city hall on Friday and they were closed for Veteran's day making it a 5-day holiday- just the way it should be!!  We had fun in the park around city hall anyways...

In front of the central library fountain

We went to the Sunday food market today to see what it was about. It was much smaller than the flower market but had really good looking food. It was divided into sections: meat, cheese, bread/pastry, produce, and prepared food. We tried dim sum and a pastry that was a cross between a tart and a popover filled with custard, yummmmm! The meat counter had everything imaginable including what I think was a rabbit, eyeballs and all. There was a Costco size rotisserie with awesome looking chicken and ribs that we’ll try next time.

After perusing the market we wondered around town again and I took a ton of pictures of course…

Sunday food market at St. Michielsplein

"The pastry"

A medieval covered meat market.  The building originated in the early 1400s and was restored in 1912. 

 Pictures from our walk home today...

Thanks to cousin Natty, Bronwen loves splashing in puddles and wearing her rain boots-hurray!

Bye Bye for now.


  1. Enjoying all the pictures and stories every week. You all look great!

  2. Hi Jill!
    Your mom sent your blog to me. I love it! You guys look great and it looks like you're having a lot of fun.
    ~Alison (Dave and Harrison too!) in West Seattle

  3. I see Bronwen misses her stairs and shelf from the condo, but appears to be enjoying an even closer encounter with the chefs. Her beautiful feet can be on any counter as far as I care. They are tasty too! Nibbles and tickles! Stevie loved to play in puddles too, without the boots, as a babe. In Florida, the only time the boys weren't out in the rain was when it thundered/lighteninged. Then we would sit under the porch with a shower curtain over us to watch the lightening shows.