Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Bruges...

Saturday we went to Brugge Culinair 2010, an event for both professional chefs and hobby cooks to enjoy. There were vendors from all over Belgium & France providing samples of their finest goods and food demonstrations by locally renowned chefs.  For just €5 we sampled different cheeses of all ages, a variety of salamis, olives, chocolates, and crepes just to name a few.  We also tasted Belgian beer & French wine (note for wine lovers: 2007 & 2009 were both very good years for French wine).  We all had a good time & Bronwen is proving more and more to be a foodie herself.  She tried everything that we did including the strong cheeses and spicy mustards-LOVE IT!

We walked around the city center before the event and took a few pictures although the camera I used has “issues” so there weren't many good shots to post, guess we'll have to go back :)

This was the first canal we crossed going from the train station to the city center
Making our way to the center
Another canal in the city center

All the stores on both sides of this street are chocolate shops

They're a little far away, but the guys in blue are a brass band that marched down the street & then stopped and played in this plaza-so cool!

Same plaza, other side

More canal pics
And for the finale...Bronwen somersaulting onto her brother.   Check out her cute new wallpaper.  I thought I could live with white walls but it turns out I can't :)



  1. OMG bronwen has the same sheets on that i have on my bed right now! i knew she was really
    "mine" LOL. i wish we coulda had the food tooo...mmmmm salmi...cheesssee...crepes..

    dammit i'm making a dutch baby now. :)

    ps i love the wallpaper, did you (steve) put it? up

  2. What a beautiful city. Still so glad to see that you and Stephen can do so much more together. The picture of Bronwen and Alexander is the best. Love seeing those two. We need a new picture of the four of you together to replace the old shot.
    I can see me packing cheese up when we get to come see you. Might have to mail it home instead of putting it in my luggage. It sure sounds very appealing.
    Missssssss and love you guys

  3. Every posting brings so many smiles and joy. How beautiful. Can't wait to come see it for ourselves. Nan is ready! Every day those babies grow more beautiful. Love their smiles and yours too. Great wallpaper. As you saw at our house - not one white wall!

  4. Oh, I forgot: probably will be dangerous on that street with all the chocolate stores! Yummmmmmy. Chooooooooooocccccclllllaaaate!!!!!