Saturday, September 18, 2010

More kid pics...

Bronwen's first haircut
Baby giggles
Best buddies


  1. love all the shots on snapfish! alex is sooo cute. bron is looking so pretty too. did you save the hair from the first cut?
    when can we skype???

  2. We love the pictures. Alex looks so much like Bronwen. How did Bronwen feel about her first hair cut? Wish we could have been there to watch. Really enjoyed getting on Skype with you before Tommy left for Virginia so we could all see you and talk at the same time. Don't forget to keep those pictures coming and little comments are better than none. We miss you LOTS!

  3. I know I know, the point of a blog is to blog:) I've been so busy that once I upload the pictures I'm too tired to write. I promise to write more once we get settled.

  4. Great pics. I still have the boys first hair cuts in envelopes, and also Grampa Steve's! She probably doesn't care as long as she has some to twirl on top! Seeing the pictures makes me smile and fills me with joy. Love and miss you all so much. I need to download pics. Been so busy. How did I get anything done while working?