Saturday, February 23, 2013

Felix Pakhuis in Antwerp

Steve surprised me this morning with a family photoshoot at our photographer friend Rob's studio and a trip to Antwerp for breakfast.  Rob discovered this little gem of a cafe and we love the concept...maybe something we can someday replicate in the states??  Felix pakhuis features locally made/raised cheeses and meats and is located in an old warehouse by the port in Antwerp so its spacious but cozy and artistically decorated.  Its a cross between a farmers market and a cafe.  There is even a caravan converted into a children's play area so it was relaxing for us and fun for the kids.

basic breakfast with fresh croissant and breads, meat, cheese, yogurt and muesli, pastry and fresh squeezed orange juice

delicious coffee

Diana & Rob

view from the caravan

The warehouse


  1. you just made me very hungry. when are you going to get it going. If anyone could get something like this going we know you could do it and it would be a huge success.

  2. What a great place. Wonder if it would catch on in Texas? Yummy breakfast. Only thing missing to make it perfect is some eggs. You guys find the most amazing places!! How do they make the hearts in the coffee?