Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's day gift

This last Sunday was father's day in Belgium so the kids helped me make his gift.  These are their honest answers, the first things that came to their heads and out of their mouths. I thought they were cute and funny.  By the way, this is totally not an original idea, I stole if from Pinterst.

Their anwers are color-coded...
By bronwen AGE 3 & alexander AGE 2
My daddy’s name is Steve
He is 4 feet 2 inches tall.
He weighs 3 pounds.
He has brown hair.
His eyes are white
His favorite TV show is scooby dooby doo
He likes to go to paris
His favorite food is baby duck
He likes to drink wine
For fun he likes to drink wine
My favorite thing about my daddy is when he
plays monster with me


  1. what a wonderful idea. We laughed so hard over the answers. They always say out of the mouths of babes and I am sure they feel their answers are right. Stephen will love it. Take pictures when you give it to him
    Love you guys,

  2. OMG too funny. Tell the kids that Steve HAD brown hair once upon a time...... xoxo miss u guys

  3. I've been corrected. Steve was blonde :)

  4. Too funny. You come up with some of the most original ideas even though it wasn't yours to start. Yes, Steve was "dirty blonde" in his younger years, but he learned to love showers and eventually washed the 'dirt' away! tee hee
    Good thing he's such a great guy! And I say this not predjudiced -- I would love him as a friend even if he wasn't my son!!! And he has great taste in his woman too!! So glad he waited to find you, Gillian. I love you all.