Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lori's visit

Lori arrived on Thursday and has not stopped moving since. She visited a cathedral and the castle, climbed the belfry, drank Belgian beer, ate a waffle, and tried the regional dish, gentse stoverij and that was just day one. The next day we drove through Holland to Monschau, Germany then drove to London for 2 nights and today we went to Brugge. She's been here 6 days and seen 5 countries. Thursday we are off to Paris for 2 nights and then Lori will fly solo to Amsterdam for one night before leaving us on Weds. Whew! She's going to need a vacation from her vacation!

We are all loving having her here...

Look hard...Thats steve and Lori in the Belfry

Happened upon a culinary festival in our neighborhood.  This is a beer and cheese tasting

Lori and her first Belgian beer...Kriek

dinner and champagne at the veuve clicquot booth


Big Ben clock tower

Lori with the parliment building and Big Ben clock tower behind her

london bridge...After walking for 4 hours around london we both decided to skip walking any further to see the tower of London.  We agreed we could just "google it"

Westminster Abbey

view from our room...Steve and his two Irish mates went to the Heinekin cup final (rugby with two Irish rival teams).  Needless to say, they had a BLAST!  We already bought tickets for the next cup in Dublin!

Bronwen this afternoon in Brugge (she played hookie from school and had a girls trip to Brugge with Lori and I)

Lunch with Lori today in Brugge...Beautiful day!


  1. Oh how jealous we are. Hope someone had a cup of coffee along the way. Sure miss sitting down with your guys and just sipping and watching all the people around all that beauty. We know Lori had a blast. How could you not.
    Love all you guys

  2. Go Lori <3 I love seeing all the photos and we envy all those who have made the trek.. xoxo

  3. Whewwww! What a whirlwind trip. But what beautiful memories. Wish I could have been there with you, but I'm too big to fit in Alex's backcarrier. Glad you all had such a great time. You and Steve are GREAT hosts!!!!
    Love you so much.