Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Paris pictures...

Alex showing his coat trick to the awesome waiter at our favorite cafe next to our favorite hotel

The kids adored him!

Food was incredible too!  Chicken with gratineed potatoes. Delicious but way too much.
We went to Notre Dame on Sunday and there was a service going on.  The church is gorgeous and the music and sermon were beautiful making it all an amazing spiritual experience.  When we first walked in the congregation was saying the Lord's Prayer in French. It's funny how the prayer has the same melody in different languages.  Alex even sang along with the choir, too cute!
Notre Dame

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  1. your pictures are always so amazing and we enjoy them so much, thanks a lot. We get to watch you guys enjoying so much and seeing the kids as they grow. It really means a whole lot to us.
    Love you guys,