Friday, January 27, 2012

More pictures from Belgium...

I am now typing with a European keyboard so forgive typos.  \i can\t seem to catch a break with these computers!

Walk in the country

Lunch at Sofie's parents in the country

Sofie's mom made Gegratineerd Witloof, a traditional Belgian dish of ham wrapped endive in a cheesy bechemal sauce...Yummmmm

Sofie's parents have ~17 deer

After lunch we visited Sofie's dad's chocolate factory

We were allowed to sample ANY chocolate-Awesome!

Natty, Bronwen, and Lisa

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  1. thanks for the picture of the windmill. Is that the one we saw? The chocolate factory looked wonderful and delicious. Tell Sophie and family hi for us and that we are glad to have met them. We can never thank the two of you enough for the trip we had to Gent. We talk of the trips almost every day.
    We love andmiss you