Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bronwen's first day of school...

The moment Bronwen has been waiting for has finally arrived! The reason she potty trained so quickly, the reason, we hope, that she'll stop sucking her has begun!!!!

I was worried she might be a little nervous with the language barrier but she hardly looked back as she said "bye mom". I was really excited for her but a small part of me was sad that she'll be gone all day, every day now. Her teacher is so kind and has loads of personality so I know that Bronwen will acclimate just fine. Her teacher speaks about as much English as I speak Dutch so this ought to be fun! We hope that we will learn from each other and in no time Bronwen will be translating for us.

Alex and I had a great day. We shopped in town for new shoes and a jacket for he and Bronwen then went to the park. It is really nice having some one-on-one time with my boy. I have some pretty big shoes to fill with his best playmate gone all day:)

So excited!

Off she goes...

Play area in Bronwen's classroom

All the parents and students gathered in the courtyard before class started and the principal gave a welcoming speech, wish I understood it all but everyone seemed excited by his words.


  1. beautiful,It even brought tears to our eyes and we aren't even there. I know she is going to have lots of fun and Alex is going to be so lost for awhile. She looks like a beautiful young lady and she will be a big hit for everyone.
    love you guys

  2. School already! Bronwen seems so mature and looks much older. What a beautiful girl. Time goes too fast. Look at Cynthia now in college!! OMG it's getting harder to claim to be 23 every year!! Pretty soon everyone will not only be taller than me, but also older! tee hee hee.